HY INTERNATIONAL GROUP NEW YORK INC. sells second-hand and assembly crypto mining rigs for BTC, ETH, etc, and also provides blockchain-based security and privacy solutions. The solutions we offer include anti-counterfeiting and traceability of physical assets, supply chain management, and copyright confirmation of digital assets. Our mission is to achieve the free transfer of ownership across the entire network by building a new Internet protocol. Therefore, we are committed to offering the following services: helping the physical industry to achieve data sharing and openness, and efficient business collaboration; providing credible and intelligent digital infrastructure for digital transformation; upgrading various fields such as government affairs, health, finance, and education, and building physical decentralization, logical unity, credible management and control, and standard-consistent information resource sharing and exchange system.

Products and services

  • Miner
  • Graphics card
The world's largest mining machine matchmaker

Professionally provide second-hand mining machine and Ethereum graphics card mining machine assembly services


  • High quality, high output
    To meet the needs of use, the quality is excellent, the operation is simple
  • safe and stable
    Network SSL encrypted communication, safe storage of funds, good resistance to common attacks
  • Multi-node deployment
    Global network multi-node deployment, efficient and stable